Know Who You Are

If you do not want to end up being everyone’s puppet for the rest of your life, you need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. The easiest people to lead around by the nose are those who are made to believe that they should follow others. Others can take advantage of you by playing up to your strengths and giving you opportunities to hide your weaknesses – that is until your usefulness runs out. In other words, people are able to exploit your nature only when you do not completely understand it yourself. When dating online, the rules are still the same. Understand yourself before trying to get to know someone else online. 

Get to Work on the Negative List

Many people will agree that out of all the negative qualities you may have, more than half of them can be easily resolved once you have identified them. For example, if you have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, spend the next three days talking less and concentrating more on listening. For every three things that you want to say in a conversation, allow yourself to say only one of them out loud. This is important when you meet someone online and you have your first conversation with a potential partner. If you tend to be a little too quiet, then push yourself to say at least three things in every conversation you are a part of. Since the first initial contact online begins by chatting or video conference, put your best foot forward and leave out those negative qualities.  

Understanding and Boosting Confidence

To succeed in the world of online dating, you need to first understand the basics of how attraction works. Contrary to what most people think, physical characteristics like your height, facial features, and the shape of your body only play a small part of it all. The fundamentals of attraction are based on body language. While people who have attractive physical traits are more pleasing to the eye, it is the confidence that they get from having those qualities that makes all the difference. Your first encounter while meeting someone online should include good body language especially if you are having a video chat. There is a common saying that says good looks only help during those few moments it takes a woman to walk from where she stands to where you are.

Grooming Yourself for Success

While grooming may not seem so important to you, it is extremely important for women. Whether you look like James Bond or not does not matter to many women, but what does matter is if you are able to take care of yourself. As a result, you should always take care of how you dress, practice good hygiene, and always make sure you smell good. If you have a scruffy-looking profile, a potential match might pass you on because you did not take the time to show good photos. When meeting for the first time, do not float in a cloud of cologne – just a dab behind the ears or the base of your neck is sufficient. You should also put some thought into your hairstyle and fashion sense especially when you meet someone you really like.

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