The dating scene has become both much easier and more difficult. Technology allows us to reach and meet more people than ever before. No longer do we have to be content with dating only those in our immediate proximity. It is now possible to carry on a relationship with a man or woman from anywhere in the world.

However, with such convenience comes problems. For example, there are lots of dating sites available. Sifting through all the choices is time consuming. One can spend all night trying to discern whether a site is for them.

So to help those who are looking for unique, niche dating sites, here are some of the best in their particular categories.

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

For those who want to start a relationship with someone of Irish descent, Ireland Over 50 is the site for them. There, users can meet mature Irish men and women. Not everyone on Ireland Over 50 is Irish, of course. Anyone is free to join. The emphasis of the site is upon the Irish, ensuring that this group will comprise a large part of the membership base. Thus, anybody looking for a red-headed Irish woman or man, for example, should sign up for a risk-free account today.

Serving the Country Honorably

Love can be hard on the man or woman in the military. Most people who have served know of the “Jody” stories.  The character Jody is a friend, in fact, quite often your best friend back home. While you are away sailing aboard ship, fighting in the desert or flying bombing missions over some enemy country, Jody is at home romancing your now-former lover. Oh, the pain. Well, things have changed. Today, Military Singles allows those serving and those who want to meet a service person, to do so. All they needed do, is sign up now for a totally free membership.

Keeping in touch with someone abroad use to be a problem. This website is what veterans in the past wish they had.

Preach the Truth

The person of true faith can often feel lonely. There may not be anyone in their church, synagogue or mosque with whom they are compatible. So, what to do? How can they meet that special someone? Going out to a bar may be out the question for a religious persons. They may feel uncomfortable in the nightclub environment.

Another alternative for religious singles is to visit Christian Dating. Here, they can register for free and then set up an account profile to meet others of faith.  

Money is not Everything, but it is Useful

Anybody who tells you they have no interest in money, probably never has had any! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to live well. With adequate financial resources, one can protect their health, receive a decent education and care for their kids.

There are lots of men and women of wealth who, surprisingly, have a hard time finding a mate. Yes, they are online searching for someone special, just as you may be searching for that millionaire to sweep you off your feet. The two of you can come together on Want to Date a Millionaire. Best of all, since a basic account is free, the playing field is level. Anybody with an internet connection and computer has the chance of starting a relationship with a millionaire. Doing so would have been impossible in the past.

Big-Boned Women Need Loving Too

Yes, the fashion world permeates society with images of seeming half-starved models. Then, people wonder why so many men gravitate right to the thinnest woman at the party. Television shows, billboards and movies program them to do so. Yet, in reality, thick, curvy women are often the nicest, prettiest ones out there. So, it is time for men and women who want to date a cute woman with a nice personality to sign up with Large Friends. Do not let the media define beauty for you.

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