Each day, people are exposed to multiple toxins as they go about their daily lives. These toxins are almost impossible to avoid. Sources such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, food additives and furnace gases are but a few of the many pollutants that can adversely effect one’s health. The phytonutrients found in fruits, vegetables, red wine, tea and beans can work to help block the effects of these toxins. However, there is one group of vegetables that stands out from all the others in this regard, the powerful cruciferous vegetables.

Doctors around the world are beginning to refer to the cruciferous vegetables as “Super Vegetables,” because of their high phytonutrient content. This group of highly beneficial veggies includes broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, and can practically perform magic on the human body, beginning with lowering the risk of getting cancer.

Research suggests that some of the cruciferous vegetables have been shown to stop the growth of cancerous cells in breast cancer, cancer of the uterine lining, lung, colon, cervix and liver cancers. Additionally, men that regularly include cruciferous vegetables in their diets are linked to lower prostate cancer rates.

In addition to their many health benefits, eating cruciferous vegetables daily also has cosmetic benefits. A daily dose of Brussels sprouts or othe rcruciferous veggies can help impart glowing complexions and healthy, shiny hair.

Cruciferous vegetables contain high amounts of valuable fiber that helps keep the digestive system in good working order. For this reason, they also have excellent weight control potential because they take up so much volume in the stomach that they cause the person eating them to feel fuller sooner. This is especially true when they are consumed with water or other liquids. The fiber contained in broccoli and the other cruciferous veggies binds the sugar and causes it to be absorbed into the system at a slower rate. This helps prevent diabetes and reduce cholesterol.

All of these vegetables can be prepared in many delicious ways, from baking to broiling to boiling. They make excellent side dishes and can be incorporated easily into a wide variety of entrees as well. However, with today’s busy lifestyles, eating enough of them each day can sometimes be an unrealistic endeavor due to time constraints alone. A practical solution is to take daily supplements that contain cruciferous vegetables.

An advantage of taking a cruciferous vegetable supplement is that it can combine many different types of veggies into one fast and easy-to-swallow capsule. This can insure that even people on the go can benefit from the numerous health benefits that cruciferous vegetables can provide. A supplement is also a great alternative for the person that does not care for the taste of cruciferous vegetables. This includes children. Consumers should consult with a nutritionist or with their physician to assure correct dosages and any conflicts supplements might have with any previously prescribed medications.

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