Have you ever noticed the qualities of people that have been in long term relationships? Have you noticed their personality, how they take care of their body, how they dress, or how they treat others? If you study people that are in a lasting relationship, you will most likely notice similar qualities among all of them. Today, a list of attributes and qualities will be provided for you to look for in your current partner or in those you are interested in to determine if a long term relationship is likely to occur.

8) Cares about their health

The health of an individual can tell you nearly everything that you need to know. Look for someone that has a health conscious diet and hobbies. The person does not have to be a fitness model or gym guru, but they should take care of their health.

7) Intelligence

One of the best attributes to have and to look for in other is that they display some form of intelligence. This does not mean that they have to be a genius, but they should be able to hold a conversation and be skilled in some specific trade or activity.

6) Willing to provide compliments, compromise, and show unconditional love

This one is very important because nobody is perfect. Look for someone that enjoys being with you no matter what and is supportive. This is a trait that will help you through the tough times that occur in long term relationships.

5) Someone who is an animal lover or great with kids

This one is important for those of you who are looking for a family. Typically, those who own pets, love animals, or are great with kids are the ones that are the same way with children of their own.

4) Entertaining and fun to be around

People with a great sense of humor and nice personality make the best partners in a relationship. If you are down, then they will pick you up and make your day better.

3) They look to help you improve and teach you new things

This should not be taken the wrong way! They do not look to “improve” you because you are flawed by any means. This quality is used so that you can grow together, share more interests, and become closer as a couple.

2) Someone you can trust and is faithful

This should be a given. If the person lies often or has cheated in the past, then they will most likely do it in the future.

1) Shares the same values

Your values should be a deciding factor for you. Find someone who believes in the same things you do or is at least willing to acknowledge them. This will form a tight bond for a lasting relationship.

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