The world of dating is not always easy. If you’ve been in a relationship or two before and it didn’t work out, you might start to wonder if you’ll ever find something that will last. How do you find that special someone?


If you’re struggling to meet people that you think are “date material”, you’re lucky. Research has shown some very important things to keep an eye out for that will help you know almost immediately whether you should or shouldn’t keep trying with a particular person. Here are some of the best qualities to look for when dating:


If you want to be with someone for a long time, you have to be able to connect with them like you do with your best of friends. This will help a lot in the long run!


Do you feel like you can share things with them, even personal feelings about them?


Is this person kind to you or a real jerk? Jerks won’t stay attractive forever.


Do your personalities mesh or do you annoy each other a bit?


 The truth is that if you’re not into someone it will probably show eventually. Both you and that person deserve better!

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