Those who need to learn Fusion 360 sometimes at first feel overhwelmed with trying to manipulate this dynamic and powerful software. Some fledgling drafters do agree that mastering the software is challenging. Even getting the rudimentary skills down that allow for productive manipulation of the software can prove difficult for some. 

How long it takes to learn Fusion 360

Although learning Fusion 360 can be challenging for some, anyone can learn with effort and persistance. You’ll have to accept the fact that things will start slowly. When you first start learning to use the software, you’re only going to be able to create relatively simple models. Those who are learning need to be patient and avoid being overly ambitious. The easiest way to become discouraged is to take on a project or try to create a design that’s too complicated when you haven’t yet mastered the necessary foundational skills. 

Some students of Fusion 360 struggle with the monotony of early training. You’ll need to build up and hone your skills before you’ll be able to create models with the complexity that you’re envisioning in Fusion 360. If you already have some basic familiarity with AutoCAD versions of the past, you should quickly be able to create effectively with Fusion 360. However, it will take you at least a couple weeks of learning to start to feel moderately familiar with Fusion 360 if you have little previous experience with AutoCAD and CAD programs generally. 

Factors that make Fusion 360 more challenging

Whether or not you find Fusion 360 difficult will depend on a variety of factors. Probably the most important factor is how familiar you already are with computer drafting programs. If you have never used any CAD programs before, you’re going to struggle more with Fusion 360 than you would if you even had a minor amount of CAD experience in the past. 

Some drafters face even more difficulties when trying to learn Fusion 360. As Fusion 360 is a type of software, computer experience is especially important when you are trying to learn how to use it. Things could be especially difficult for you if you not only don’t have CAD experience, but have limited experience working with computers as well. 

It’s also true that there is some talent involved with computer aided drafting. Some individuals pick the program up faster than others do. If you are naturally talented when it comes to mechanical engineering and design, you’ll probably find that you pick up the program relatively quickly. On the other hand, you may struggle if your natural talent in this field is limited. 

How you can learn Fusion 360 as quickly and simply as possible

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make learning the program easier. There are many resources available that will help you on your way. 

Probably the best thing to do if you are a beginner with the program is to take advantage of the Learn and Support resources available on the Autodesk website. With the website, you can access self-paced learning tutorials, technical documentation for the product, events and webinars, blog articles, and community forums. 

As with any type of software these days, there are many free resources online for learning. In particular, you will find a lot of videos available for free on Youtube. You will find video tutorials that give you a quick intro into how the program works. You can also find in-depth tutorials that explain many aspects of how the software works. Another thing you can find with Youtube and similar sites online is videos helping viewers to solve specific programs with Fusion 360 or use the program for specific applications. 

Importance of learning Fusion 360

Regardless of how difficult it may be to master the program, there’s no doubt that learning Fusion 360 is essential for those working in design, drafting, and engineering. Whether you’re interested in mechanical engineering, 3D printing, assembly modeling, motion studies, or animations, Fusion 360 skills will prove important for you.

Fusion 360 is a program with many different applications and capabilities. It is also a program that is essential to professionals in a wide variety of industries. 

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