Dating is not what it once was. People gathered in clubs, bars, restaurants and other public places to mix, mingle and socialize. In today’s society, thanks to the internet, people are using websites to find what they are looking for whether it be true love or a friend.


The design of millionaire dating is plain and straightforward. The font is large enough to be read clearly and the fine print is easily seen. This site displays basic red and black color with a couple’s picture centered on the home page. The website’s design is pleasing to the eye and the information is well-organized which makes the site easy to navigate.


This millionaire dating site has more than one focus. This site is for individuals who are seeking a wealthy partner and individuals who are seeking a partner who is not as wealthy. It sounds a little weird but you will be surprised at how well most of these situations work out.


The content of this dating site is informal. This site features content that provides statistics and facts regarding wealthy people around the world. The content is uniform and paragraph-spaced to make the content easy to read. This dating site discusses a few scenarios of why rich people may seek a significant other. Finding someone to help you continue your family legacy can be difficult and this site discusses factors that may make the search difficult.

The Sign-Up Process

Unlike a lot of other dating sites, the sign-up process on this millionaire dating site is simple and easy to find. The persuasive message that is used to entice people to sign up is welcoming. In order to join this dating community, you need to provide what you are looking for whether it be:

  • Man seeking a woman
  • Woman seeking a man
  • Man seeking a man
  • Woman seeking a woman

Other information you need to provide during this process is your date of birth, yearly income and email address. You need to use a valid email address because it will be used in the event you lose your password and when you receive notifications from the site.

Most sites, including this one, require a profile picture. The profile picture will not be presented to other users within the website community until the picture is approved by the administrators of the site. Your picture needs to only include yourself and be clear. You can upload as many pictures as you would like but your default profile picture should only be a picture of your face.

Another part of the sign-up process is your profile. Once you submit a profile picture for approval, you need to fill out your profile. The information on your profile allows other users to get to know you before they decide to send a message. You need to include a few of your likes and dislikes, reiterate what you are looking for on the site and a few other facts about yourself. Your profile will not be complete unless you complete these two steps.

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