Join a Huge Community of Singles has helped couples all over the world to find romance and comparability. One of the world’s largest singles communities, Cougar Dating is an affiliate of Dating Factory which is the biggest, most inclusive online dating network with millions of members all over the globe. And it is constantly growing, with thousands of new members every day.

Rely on Discrete and Personal Customer Service
Whether you’re looking for romance, online chat, online dates or a long term relationship – Cougar Dating has the facilities to suit you. Representatives are always listening to member feedback and are open to questions in order to improve their service and ensure your satisfaction. Their goal is to help you find that special someone and to give you the best chances of meeting in forming meaningful offline relationships. 

Nuance, Helpful Advice, & Discretion
One of the most outstanding aspects of is its proclivity for helping young men learn to be successful in finding an older woman and giving her what she is looking for. The site is simply chock full of helpful and interesting content aimed at overcoming the unknown that is always to be faced when engaging new and unconventional relationships.

Cougar Dating has plenty of resources for those who wish to learn to navigate the peculiar difficulties of matching younger men and older women. Their home page includes helpful advice on how to avoid common mistakes, social blunders, and tips on coping with the social stigma surrounding couples with an age gap. Cougar Dating encourages its members to avoid being hung up on the age difference between themselves and their potential mates. Their advice is to allow such things to serve as a background for a stimulating romantic experience, rather than to dwell on them.

Other sections offer great advice on how to plan an exciting first date with your partner – whether to take your date to a restaurant, coffee shop or casino – depending on how much excitement and spontaneity you and your date prefer. Users are reminded to always make room for conversation, especially on first dates. 

User Testimonials
Our success speaks for itself, as do our satisfied members.

“…after only a few hours of search on Cougar Dating, I met the man of my dreams.” -Judy L.

“I become a member of Cougar Dating. and now I am dating the most wonderful partner anyone can ever have.” -Ronald N.

“It took only took me a few minutes to find the woman of my dreams and start chatting with her.” -Mark Y.

“I met men who really love being with mature women on this site, and appreciate their experience in life.” -Linda P.

“ The site is the ultimate destination for men with who wish to  date older women, and for women looking to date younger men.” -Paul G.

Ready to Assist you
As soon as you navigate to the Cougar Dating web site they begin working to assist you by with locating tools that work to connect you with singles in your area. The woman of your dreams is just a few clicks away when you come to

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