For those who love the looks of Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Iman, Alek Wek and Noemie Lenoir, the website is a full of these gorgeous African beauties. Because of having more collagen and pigment in their skin, African women age more gracefully, than women with lighter complexions do. African women simply do not get wrinkles on their faces or under their eyes.

African women can be sleek and smooth like a gazelle, or robust. For fans of a big booty, the African woman is perfect. Nicky Minaj has a derriere that would make an ocean tanker jealous. There is something about a coal-berry juice skin color, the darkest of chocolate, which is a delight to the eyes. A man who loves an African woman can taste her smell. She is ripe and ready for the picking.

Many of the women on the website are looking for long-term romantic relationships. They like dancing and dining in fine restaurants. They like watching movies and going out. Some are students. Others are professionals with advanced degrees. Even though they are of African descent, they may live all over the world. Besides living in Nairobi, UAE, South Africa, or Namibia, some live in London, Berlin, Rio, Montreal, and even New York City. There are others from islands in the Caribbean. What they all have in common is that beautiful cocoa-buttered color that is so scrumptious. It would be worth a trip around the world to meet these stunning-looking women.

The website makes it easy to meet these women. There is a translation feature on the website that translates their profiles to English, when English is not their native language. The women tell a bit about themselves, post their photos, and perhaps a video. They describe their perfect mate and what characteristics they are looking for in a man. Most of the women on are very clear about the type of man they are looking for and what makes them happy in a man.

There are two types of memberships offered by, which are a Free Trial Membership and a paid Gold Membership. It is easy to sign up for the Free Trial Membership, set up a personal profile, and take a look at all the other members’ profiles to see who might be a person of interest.

Free Trial Members are allowed to:

  • View the entire website
  • Create a profile
  • Modify their profile
  • Communication with other members
  • View other members’ profiles
  • Send chat requests
  • Respond to chat requests
  • Send and receive winks
  • Setup a list of Friends or those who are Blocked
  • Receive matches that are sent to an external mailbox

Gold Members are allowed to:

  • Send unlimited emails to other members
  • View all the private videos
  • Become a VIP to be featured on the website with more options

Gold members rate this website highly in terms of satisfaction, giving it 9.5 out of 10 stars.

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