Brazilian women have a lot of things going for them:  a latino heritage which gives way to the most beautiful skin color, dark eyes that catch the light in just the right way, tremendous beauty and the fact that they speak Portuguese, one of the romance languages.  There are dating sites specific to Brazilian women and don’t forget there have been Brazilian women who have made it to the top of the heap during the Miss Universe pageants.  They carry with them an exotic look, the kind that makes them unusual, yet beautiful. 

That’s what sets Brazilian women apart from the others.  However, don’t forget the obvious, beyond the beauty, they are women, just like other women.  They can act in ways you don’t expect, they can act out against you due to revenge and are not timid in standing up for what they want.  They are strong women, they take pride in themselves and in who they are with.  If you demean them or treat them in a way not consistent with how they think they should be treated, they have no problem with coming back at you with a vengeance.  Your best line of defense is to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Treat them with kindness and respect.  It is what they want and they will accept no less. 

There are a number of online dating sites dedicated to dating these women.  However, the rules of the online dating scene here should be the same as any other site.  Use the same precautions as you would on any other site.  Remember that not in all cases are the women the weaker sex.  They can be vindictive and can respond with a crushing force when they are backed into a corner. 

The best course of action here is to remember to start out slow and take it easy.  Don’t rush into a relationship before you even know the person.  Take your time in getting to know her and who she really is.  Go beyond what the dating site profile says about her, and get to her soul.  Ask lots of questions, yet not to the point of annoyance.  See how she would react in certain situations and see if that reaction is one you would agree with.  It’s all a matter of allowing her to come out of her shell, and this is important because you will finally get the see her real personality, her real self.  If you like what you see, that’s great.  Maybe there is something to build on as you get to know her better.  

Remember that these women are proud women.  They are quite capable of standing up for themselves when they feel they have been wronged.  Never forget they have brothers, dads, etc. who will be glad to continue the fight on their behalf.  So treat them right or risk landing somewhere you don’t want to be.

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