8. Aussie Men are not Squeamish 

Aussie men are men!  You don’t have to worry about them running and hiding, and leaving you behind to fend for yourself.  Aussie men are stand-up men.  They will carry you, and do everything that you need and want.  There’s nothing better than a man who can handle business and show you that they aren’t afraid to get dirty or take care of the things that bother you.  Women are known for being afraid of things, such as bugs, spiders, and other things that can be found in a household.  It’s nice to know that you and your partner both will not be running and screaming for your lives!

7. They’re Basic

Aussie men are basic and straightforward.  You don’t have to worry about going out of your way to do this or that.  You don’t have to concern yourself with expensive this or that because Aussie men are basic.  They do enjoy nice things, but the nice things they enjoy are not material things.  Aussie men enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as spending time, going surfing, and going swimming.  The simplest things in life bring a smile to an Aussie man’s face.

6. Oh So Friendly

Aussie men are friendly.  They seem like a dream come true because not only are they friendly, they are stunning and attractive.  It’s like being in a fairy tale with the man of your dreams.  Aussie men have manners and can hold an intelligent conversation.  They will wave, speak, and show you how proper they are with their good behavior and manners.  Aussie men can be around many women and still keep their composure.  They are friendly and romantic.  It seems like a win win situation for the ladies!

5. Awesome Bodies

What women doesn’t love a man with an awesome body!  One thing Aussie men are known for are their awesome bodies!  You may not care about their physical appearance, but a nice, toned body is great to look at on a rainy day.  Aussie men are active and fit, and their bodies show how active they are.  Who could resist a warm day at the beach surfing and admiring an Aussie male body.

4. The Tattoo Lover

Surprisingly to most people, Aussie men love tattoos.  A lot of Aussie men have more than one tattoo and they plan on getting more!  If you are a tattoo lover, an Aussie man may be your type.  It amazes a lot of people how Aussie men have thousands of tattoos, still have manners, and look stunningly sexy.  Aussie men’s tattoos are neat and full of meaning.

3. Golden Tans

Another thing Aussie men are known for are their golden tans.  Aussie men have a unique tan that doesn’t look right on other men.  Aussie men have toned bodies that are perfectly tanned.  A golden tan looks great in the sun on the beach!

2. Loves Adventures

What’s better than a man who loves adventures.  Aussie men love adventures and doing exciting things.  If you are looking to have a great time and explore new places and events, Aussie men can show you a great time!

1. Sexy Accents

The number one reason women date Aussie men is because of their sexy accents.  Their accents will melt your heart and make you more attractive to them.  Aussie men speak English, but their accent enhances their character and how attractive they are.

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