Having a gigantic fairy-tale wedding is a desirable concept, but it is not always feasible. A loving couple may still want to express their everlasting love for one another despite some financial barriers. A bride and groom can choose from a number of inexpensive venues to hold their wedding. The following are some venue ideas for a memorable wedding that will not break the bank:

A Beach/Oceanside Wedding
A small beach wedding can be one of the most romantic experiences a couple could have. Nothing is quite as beautiful as the ocean is on a sunlit summer day. A wedding couple can access the beach free, and their party can follow them to a private spot along the sand. The beach is one of the top sites for inexpensive weddings because of its beauty and its picture potential. Wedding parties can collect a ton of beach snapshots that they can share with their family and friends.

Botanical Gardens
Flowers symbolize love, natural beauty and life. Therefore, the botanical gardens would be a perfect place to have a wedding. Botanical gardens consist of several acres of well-landscaped land with several hundred species of flowers. Additionally, the botanical gardens may have some beautiful wildlife resting in them. Some botanical gardens have a specific area that they dedicate to people who want to get married there. They may refer to the area as the “wedding garden” or formal garden. Florida is one state that contains a garden with such an area. The best part about botanical gardens is that many of them provide free access. Therefore, a wedding couple could arrange a free wedding inside of a gorgeous and flowery haven.

The Local Church
Either the bride or the groom can request a wedding ceremony at his or her local church. The church may not charge the couple to perform the ceremony inside the venue. In fact, the couple may be able to schedule the wedding ceremony at the end of the Sunday worship so that the entire town can witness their bond creation. The church method would work well with a couple that does not have many friends and close family members. Additionally, the church is the perfect place to have a holy and blessed marriage.

In Front of a State Monument
Another excellent idea for a frugal wedding is a state monument. A couple could get married at a site such as the Statue of Liberty, Muir Woods or Canyon De Chelly. The monument selection would depend on the couple’s location and their visual preferences.

Selecting an inexpensive venue can save a couple a large amount of money. They can then focus on other expenses such as clothing expenses and officiant expenses. A couple can secure a wedding officiant at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the couple can rent or purchase beautiful wedding clothing from various frugal locations.

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