Knowing the right time to start dating after a breakup can be difficult. Jumping into a new relationship via online or physical dating can be tempting because loneliness hurts. However, a person can increase his or her chances of finding a long-lasting relationship by waiting until the right time comes. The following are some questions a person should ask himself or herself before getting back into the dating scene after a breakup:

Have I Gone Through All the Stages of Grief?
Many people do not take the appropriate time to grieve an old relationship before they start new relationships. Grieving has several stages that include anger, denial, depression and acceptance. A person is not ready for dating if he or she has been burying, prolonging or avoiding grief. Grief is a process that every human being must go through when a loss occurs. The loss of a relationship affects the psyche and the emotions just as much as a physical death does. Everyone has a different grieving time. Some people can finish grieving in as little as six months while other people may grieve for several years.

Do I Accept That My Relationship Is Over?
A prospective dater must ask himself or herself if he or she has reached the stage of acceptance. Some people claim that they are over their exes, but they secretly still wish for a reconciliation. Involving another person in a dating scenario when the person is clearly not in the acceptance phase is unacceptable. Doing such could cause an innocent party to get hurt. People who still have hope of reconciling with their exes should not date until they are over their fantasies.

Do I Still Love or Hate My Ex?
The last tip is an extension of the previous tip. If a person still has strong hateful or loving feelings about an ex, then chances are high that the person is not ready to move on. Recovery occurs when a person can think about an ex and take a mental and emotional position of indifference. Dating should not occur until the person is in the state of indifference.

Some people may try the honest approach and let potential daters know that they are not ready for another serious relationship. This method of connecting with people is often unfair because human beings will develop feelings no matter what. A person cannot place boundaries on the feelings that another person will develop in his or her presence.

Have I Learned Any Valuable Lessons?
The last question a person will want to ask before dating again is whether he or she learned any valuable lessons. A person who realizes his or her mistakes in a previous relationship can apply them to a new relationship. A person who still denies all fault in a previous relationship is not ready to move on from it.

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